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How to Flow With the Energies of August

Every summer there's a layer of deep energies that we can access to leverage our intentions and dreams. From July 28th through August 12th, The Lion's Gate comes online and opens up opportunities that have been patiently waiting, yet dormant, during the rest of the year.

The Lion's Gate for the ancients was a time for fertility, ceremony and honoring. The Egyptians revered it as Sirius, the brightest star, became visible and aligned with Orion's Belt, forming a triangle between the star formations and the Pyramid of Giza.

These massive incoming light waves shift and push us into the things that we've been wanting to try for a long time. Because of the forcefulness of the energy, we may find ourselves having very little choice and almost automatically trying new things that before we were too timid to attempt.

As you begin to work with this period of time, allow the movement and access to guide you into places of the unknown, but be mindful of your thoughts and emotions. Manifestation is extremely high, so keep your thoughts and intentions positive and clear; keep your emotions as even as possible, so that you're working in a space of ease and grace, not resistance and fear.

Likewise, if you've been working hard to clear or revamp old patterns, belief systems, relationships and such, write down concise, empowered and complete intentions stating what you desire as if it's already happened. "I am in abundance starting today." or "My partner and I are releasing disrespectful language right now." Asking or saying "I want..." will send out the message that you're not ready or you're feeling hesitation about the outcome. These are the energies of certainty and power, so acting 'as if' is important. Feeling into the power of the all-that-is, is vital.

This is all about what you'd like for your life in the year ahead and how you can use the Lion's Gate Portal as a springboard to jump into a more wise and fully present you. Don't be shy friends...this is ALL ABOUT YOU!

If you're looking for a powerful healing session and a current read on what's going on in our world, check out this YouTube video from my channel, where my dear friend Lynda and I chat about the spiritual upswing on the planet, and then finish with a powerful energy healing session to clear the fear of the unknown, open the third eye (the seat of seeing you as you are) and start removing the layers of victim mindset that we all have.

I hope your summer is enjoyable so far and that you're staying safe, happy and grounded in the outdoors with family and friends!



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