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Breathing In A New Beginning

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

This fall, I had the pleasure of co-writing and teaching the Quantum Signature Healing™ Level 1 Course, where we got back to the basics of energy and earth work by navigating and clearing the personal space. As we developed the curriculum and module around breath work, it became clear that it was time for me to find my way back to this basic, but transformative practice.

Ancient shamanic and yogic healing practices used strong breath work to reach the depths of the spirit, psyche and body that aren't otherwise accessible. In modern times, it's still practiced, bridging the higher realms of consciousness to unlock the negative experiences that interfere with our highest potentials, and peaceful inner Self.

In Yoga, prana is the life force energy that courses through the body, and pranayama is the practice of using breath as a facilitator for moving oxygen throughout the body to targeted areas of the body. With the breath we can regulate the system to calm it or accelerate it; to ground us or energize us, and by sending vital oxygen to the parasympathetic nervous system.

The benefits of a sustained practice of breathwork include:

-a way to naturally treat anxiety, depression and PTSD

-help you connect to your core spirit

-awakening to your true or spiritual Self

-increased clarity and focus of mind

-increased mindfulness

-alkalization of blood and decreased inflammation

When built in a reasonable way, breath work is a safe, powerful way to shift stagnancy and bring vital changes to our entire Being. Just like meditation, it requires, practice and some discipline to develop resiliency of mind and overall muscle memory to where the organs, tissue and blood flow reaches a new level of homeostasis.

A word of caution, breath practices should be started slowly and built up over time. Do not practice if you have heart issues, and if you're pregnant, check with your doctor before beginning. If you feel uncomfortable while practicing, stop and reassess, or work up more slowly.

Here are a 4 types of breath work to explore and work with for the new year. As a suggestion, try a one for a few weeks to see how it can shift your life, and then move onto another one to see how each practice affects you in various ways:

1. Pranayama, such as yujjayi, nadi shodana and skull shining

2. Circular Shamanic Breath

3. Wim Hof Breath

4. Owaken Breathwork

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