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Free Energy Tools

This Great Shift brings with it completely new perspectives and awareness of who we really are---sovereign, divine and creative Beings.  

The energy tools below offer a way into the deeper knowing of you, by illuminating and clearing out belief systems, conditioning, karmic experiences, and more.  

Because we are light Source Consciousness in human form, these old patterns will feel uncomfortable as the frequencies of light and understanding increase, and the form cannot hold the old densities.  

This library of free energy healing will support you as you step into each new connection with your true and ancient self. 


These Guided Meditations work with the individual energy body and help the systems journey to the layers that are ready to receive.  

Ascension Guidance Videos & Articles

Here you'll find a library of videos with higher teachings, energy updates, and healing sessions during the Soul Sistar Speak series on YouTube.


White Sands
Light Language Transmissions

Channeled from the galactic, angelic, and higher realms.  This healing energy works with the subtle energy bodies of each individual, in the quantum multidimensional field to unlock layers of unwanted interferences.


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