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About Ina

I'm a Multidimensional Energy Practitioner and Energy Alignment Coach, and I access the many, many areas of Consciousness, to help people open up to who they really are, so they can create a life that feels effortless. .


As a Mom and 30 year Coach, Mentor, Educator, Healer, Artist, and Nature Lover, learning, teaching and expanding through Human connection is my passion. 

 I hold a B. A. in Integrative Arts, an M.Ed in Education, and received the Reiki Master level, EFT Level 1 Practitioner, Certified Wellness and Life Coach and 500 Hr. Ashtanga & Restorative Yoga Teacher, as well as being a multidimensional Light Language channel. 


Ten years ago, my awakening began, and my life has been an incredible adventure ever since, with fast integration of experiences and abilities, that support my purpose here.  

After many opportunities to learn about myself through experiences with illness, relationships and more, I began exploring Self-directed energy techniques, journaling, yoga and meditation, and the unexpected emerged---deep trauma, both from this experience and from the Quantum realms. 

Through that dark and what felt like an endless journey, I discovered access to Who We Really Are: Conscious, Divine Intelligence, having a Human experience. 


And this is where the magic began. 


Whether we work together around clearing and realigning your health, relationships with Self or others, a. journey into your Artistic path, or understanding yourself at a more profound level, we'll explore your energy patterns and Multidimensional Field, so you can show up as the best, most easeful version of YOU. 

Because of and through my experiences, I've been led to coach hundreds of people of all ages, see their own potential and reframe their experiences so they can feel happy, inspired and supported.  


With so many techniques available to us, the goal is to teach you how to Self-empower, Self-regulate and Self-direct your experience on this take full responsibility for your energy so you can clearly see that only you are the Creator of your story.


I see you.







I get it! I know how frustrating it is to keep hitting the ceiling when you're ready for the next level.  

Get your $75 New Client Quantum Session

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Reclaim your Power, step into your Purpose.

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